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Reagan Patriots
Welcome to Ronald Reagan Elementary School, a three time California Distinguished School (2002, 2010, and 2014). Established in August 1998, Reagan has developed a solid foundation of excellence in academics, sports, and music, combined with a strong sense of school spirit and loyalty.
The entire staff at Ronald Reagan Elementary School is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment. We are dedicated to providing all students with the knowledge, experience, and study skills necessary for a successful future. Each child has access to a comprehensive instructional program.  
The Reagan parents and families are critical to the success of our children and can contribute to the school through volunteering at school events, in the classroom, and via Parent Club.  Through our partnership in educating all children, we can achieve academic success.
Students will benefit greatly from their experience at Reagan if they come to school on time each day prepared to do their best in their classes, participate in school activities, and follow the school rules.  High expectations are the key to achieving the school's goals and maintaining a positive school climate. 
Reagan offers a comprehensive program, including academically challenging curriculum and enhanced technology. The entire Reagan community is committed to ensuring the success of all students. To this end, Reagan staff, parents, the Board of Trustees, district administration, and the broader community work collaboratively and cooperatively for the benefit of each student.
To create, inspire, and provide excellence in our educational community.
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